Saigon Bistro Redemption

By Deanna Coleman

The first time that I dined at Saigon Bistro was for a Bite This Fayetteville Ambassador event, and I was sad that I ordered “just okay” chicken curry when everyone else was in love with their pho and other dishes.  I vowed to go back and give them a shot to change my mind.

I called in my order from work- Vermicelli with Chicken.  I thought that it was on the lunch menu.  I was told that the order would take 20 minutes.  I made sure that I waited that long to arrive.  I received my order 40 minutes after I called it in.  Also, it was NOT a lunch special.  There are about 4-6 menus circulating online with different lunch specials.  That’s where the bad news stops.
Saigon Bistro has a sign in the store about the wait time reminding you that they do not make fast food. They do, however, make DELICIOUS food.
This dish was amazing.  Fresh ingredients, perfectly sauteed chicken, an herb salad that I wanted to eat for every meal forever… the only thing I will say (you’ll see a trend in my posts) is that I could have used some kick.  I should have requested sriracha.  I poured the sauce provided over everything.  I’m not even sure if I was supposed to, but I don’t regret. it.  I could tell that my food was made to order. I could taste the herbs in the “salad” (not trying to disrespect the dish, just don’t know what to call it) and could distinctly taste thai basil and cilantro.  If I’m wrong, please correct me! It was SOOOOOOO good, y’all.
While the menu is not clear online and the wait time is a little lengthy for lunch, Saigon Bistro is worth the wait.  I would TOTALLY recommend it.
Happy noshing,




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