Babann’s Southern Fried Chicken

by Michelle Wintrich

I have every now and again seen Babann’s fried chicken truck sitting in the Best Buy parking lot…    for years it feels like. Every Sunday that I’m out running errands and see it I think to myself “I want to try that!!” But for whatever reason I just never have. Now that we have more local, and some not so local food trucks in the area, I wanted to try one of Fayetteville’s OG trucks. 

On this particular day Babann’s was offering collard green spring rolls. I love collard greens, they are not easy to get right but when they are its sweet, smoky, spicy, with a tad of bitter that makes them absolutely addictive. Wrapping them and frying them just sounds genius in and of itself. So of course I had to get some of those. What caught my attention next were the waffles and of course I was going to get the red velvet waffles with pecans! I decided to get a separate fried chicken plate so I could try 2 of their sides. I asked for a recommendation and I was told that I needed to try the mac n cheese and the candied yams. Thinking about those candied yams as I am typing this is making my mouth water. 


As soon as I got my food it was on! I wasn’t about to wait till I got alllll the way home to try it out. On the hood of my Jeep I dove into the chicken first. I will say that the chicken was perfectly crunchy and the meat was succulent. The chicken was seasoned just how I like it. If you are salt sensitive I may recommend getting a drink along with your meal. But if you love fried chicken, you need to try this chicken. What made it even more perfect was the juices from the candied yams leaked onto the side of the chicken so I got that sweet and salty combo. YES!

Next I needed the waffle. The sweet yam juice reminded of chicken and waffles and duh I did get waffles. I had one normal sized bite and I think I ate the rest in just three bites. I am only mildly exaggerating. The texture alone is pillowy and light. They may be thick like Belgian style waffles but they feel almost as if they were steamed, they are so soft. You can taste a hint of that classic red velvet flavor but that cream cheese glaze and pecans! I think you could put that stuff on a car bumper and it’d be delish. So definitely splurge, get the chicken AND get the red velvet waffles with pecans. 


After I inhaled the waffle, I went in for the sides. A bite of the yams and I was in heaven. I already knew I was going to like them because of the juice teaser, but wow did they melt like butter on your tongue. Then I had to go in for a bite of the mac n cheese. Now I have mixed feelings about mac n cheese. I honestly wouldn’t have ordered it if it wasn’t recommended. More often than not mac n cheese is served bland to me. I typically add salt and definitely add hot sauce to jazz it up. BUT Babann’s mac n cheese is anything but bland. They definitely brought the flavor for this mac n cheese. I will forward the recommendation to you, get the candied yams and mac n cheese as your sides. You will not regret it. 

Last, I had to try the collard green spring rolls. But, unfortunately the typical collard green flavor was lost for me. Compared to everything else, I was expecting a flavor bomb. It is a limited menu item that isn’t part of their main menu. Maybe they were testing it out. I love the idea and if it gets tweaked I would love to try it out again. For now I will stick to the chicken, red velvet waffles, mac n cheese, and candied yams. I think I’ll have enough on my plate as it is! If you try Babann’s let me know what you think!

Stay Hungry, Fayetteville!




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