Xquisito International Foods and Catering – Food Truck

By Deanna Coleman
Fellow Foodie Michelle and I were bummed after being forced to miss Blues and Brews on a rainy Saturday night due to weather.  Someone donning a poncho had just loudly announced to us “the city shut it down!” (We later determined that the shutdown lasted approximately 5 minutes…) and we wandered a few blocks away from Festival Park to Bright Light Brewing Company, one of my favorite places in all of Fayetteville.  Michelle and I both had been hyped to eat R Burger at Blues and Brews (spoiler alert- happy ending at the end of this review), so we were automatically skeptical of the food truck parked at Bright Light- “Xquisito .”

Have you ever eaten food that was so good that it was like the clouds opened up and the sun shined brightly, even though you weren’t chowing down on R Burger? Well, that is what happened with Xquisito.
I ordered the Empanadas and Plantains plate, described as “2 Chicken and Cheese Empanadas, 3 plaintain cups w/pico de gallo. Served with yucca fries.”
The empanadas were delicious! Outstanding!  Perfect!  I always feel like I am rolling the dice with empanadas… will they be dry? Will they be soggy? These were perfectly crispy on the outside and warm and juicy in the center.  They came with a dipping sauce that was pretty tasty on its own.  I requested hot sauce, because I love spice.  Standard sauce + hot sauce= amazing.
The plantain cups were about the size of a mini muffin and filled with the pico de gallo, which had chopped avocado in it.  So, it was a chunky guacamole- MY FAVORITE.
Let us not forget the yucca fries. Perfectly crispy and seasoned, as everything else had been.  Seasoning is SO important to me, and the guys at Xquisito were not shy with their flavors at all!
I have been tracking their location ever since. There is a reason why they are in demand as far away as Raleigh.
One of the top 5 food truck experiences I’ve ever had.  The happy ending to this story?
Michelle and I left Bright Light, full and happy, and rode by Festival Park to discover that BLUES AND BREWS WAS IN FULL SWING. We parked and checked out the scene, eventually making our way to R Burger, where we did a cheers to bacon cheddar ranch (and extra cardio the following day).
Takeaways from this experience? Xquisito lives up to its name, and be wary of men in ponchos.
– Dee



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