Korean BBQ in Fayetteville – By James Clark

Do you love Korean?  I adore Korean BBQ! There are some places in the city that have good Korean food, but I did not know that we recently had a Korean BBQ where you sit and cook it yourself. To me the best part is the experience with a group of friends just around a hot grill pan enjoying food and Company.

Kobe Steakhouse Fayetteville

Kobe Japanese Steak has changed Korean dining in Fayetteville. They now offer the experience I’ve been looking for since I was in L.A.

It is set up in a buffet style, which it not the norm, but I’ll take it. Coming in you are asked if you want Korean BBQ or Japanese Hibachi(which they still offer). There are 4 bars set up. The first is the bigger Korean food bar.

Korean BBQ Ingredients

Lots of raw marinated meats, Bulgogi being my favorite. There are lots Banchan( side dishes) options, including sauces and different lettuces for wraps. The second bar is the Pho bar!

Pho Bar is Delicious

You can make a your own Pho with any ingredients there. The 3 bar is a Sushi Bar, including Fresh rolls and some desserts. The last bar ate some everyday asian stuff, from fried rice to dumplings.
Then you take you stuff back to your table and  you being the experience. You cook everything yourself. Korean food is such a joy to eat, so many amazing flavors that keep you wanting more!  This whole experience will run you $20, which I think is quiet reasonable!
Don’t waste another minute, hurry over to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi at 4564 Yadkin Road!



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