The Salmon Was Divine

Celebrating my last “night out” with one of my best friends, I took her out for dinner to Circa 1800, on Hay Street, in Downtown Fayetteville. I have heard much about this wonderful place, but had never been there myself. I have small children at home, and have learned not to venture into a “fine dining” restaurant with them in tow. 


But since this was a girl’s night out, I decided it was time.

I ordered the pan seared salmon, with black risotto and root vegetables. Now, I’ve had some pretty good salmon in this town, but this one ranks toward the top of my list.

The fish was tender and moist, and the hollandaise sauce delicious. But what I really enjoyed, were the root vegetables and the black risotto.

I’ve never had black risotto, and I have to say it was so much better than any risotto I’ve ever tried. No kidding! I don’t know if there was some secret seasoning in the mix, or maybe black risotto is supposed to be healthier. All I know is, it was yummy!

On top of that, the root vegetables were cooked just right. They were not mushy, and had plenty of crunch. And…there were purple carrots! I know, I know. Many of you eat purple carrots all the time. But I’ve never had them, and I loved them! And I don’t even like carrots. So that should tell you something.

My one complaint: I wish the food had come out a little warmer. It wasn’t cold, but I’m the type who likes my plate nice and hot. Otherwise, it was delicious.

I will definitely be going back to Circa 1800 to sample some of their other offerings!

This review was provided by Christi Lowe, owner of Bite This | Fayetteville and Christi Lowe Productions.



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