Run! Don’t Walk, To The Tasty Crab

Run! Don’t walk!


By Lynnie Guzman


Just stopped by Tasty Crab after seeing them profiled in The Fayetteville Observer recently. Walking up to this new restaurant at the back of Westwood Shopping Center you see a cute, smiling crab above the company name. In the doorway the light wood and sharpie invite you to tag your name alongside other patrons. I of course had to add my name and #BiteThisFayetteville.  


The service was a tad slow but the food was ahhhhhmazing! I went with the garlic butter over my crab legs and shrimp (huge bonus: they are deveined)!! In addition to giving you a bib they give you gloves to wear! It is a bit awkward wearing them while trying to peel shrimp and crack crab legs —- however, it’s worth it for easy cleanup. I suspect the more people hear about Tasty Crab the place will stay busy! Welcome to Fayetteville Tasty Crab – I will be back! #TwoPinchersUp.



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