Rotisseries & Burgers – Cross Creek Mall

By James Clark

I LOVE Mexican food.  As someone on Keto, it can be a challenge making dining out work out. You always have to prepare for the worst, or just get a normal plain burger and/or salad… 

The Cross Creek Mall has a hidden gem named “Rotisserie & Burgers”. This place is not what it seems. It has some of the most authentic Mexican food that I’ve had in Fayetteville with a large menu to choose from. 

I decided to get a Beef Bowl. “Bowl” being a not so accurate term. I had them begin with Carne Asada, (for the few who don’t know what this is, its delicious, small pieces of flavorful beef, with lots of spice, onions and citrus). Then I switch it up and add extra meat for a little “up-charge”.  I like some heat when I get Mexican food, so I head straight for the Spicy Chipotle Chicken! It was so good!  The bowls come with Rice AND made in house Tortilla Chips!  I, of course, opt out of those. There are also so many topping to choose from. For me it’s Cheese, Cilantro, and Sour Cream all the way. 

Everyone should head to Rotisserie & Burgers in the Cross Creek Mall to a check out the bowl options, or the many other dishes they have!



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