R Burger – Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger

by Deanna Coleman

If you do not believe that a burger can change your life… well, you’re just wrong.

I remember the first time I tried R Burger. I had been hearing the hype for months and finally decided that I had to get in on the action. I had a Southern burger, add bacon.  AH-MAZING!
I’m not here to talk about the Southern burger, however…  The star of today’s review is the Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger.
Now, I am not one to divulge proprietary information, but I am told that R Burger uses a combo of brisket, sirloin and (obviously) pure magic in their burger blend.  I do not know that to be true, but can say without a doubt that whatever they are doing, is working!
I most recently had the Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burger at Festival Park with fellow foodie, Michelle. We literally walked through mud in rain boots to chase down this goodness.  Sounds simple enough, right? Bacon.  Cheddar.  Ranch.
R Burger’s patties are thin and they use two.  So, you get burger, cheddar, bacon- twice!! I always know a burger is going to be good when it’s served in aluminum foil.  I don’t know why, but that seems to be an unwritten law- if your instinct is to wrap your delicious food in foil, you have the foresight to know that the retained heat was going to keep the magic going. So, imagine the double patties and toppings being handed to you in a foil wrapper and basically oozing ranch dressing.
Caution: do not underestimate the power of tasty condiments.  R Burger’s Ranch Dressing is called “Kayla’s ranch,” as the recipe came out of Kayla’s apparently-superior foodie mind.  It is VERY dill heavy, made fresh on the truck and is generously applied to the burger.  Pro tip– also use it for the truck’s hand cut, made-to-order fries. SO good!
As I often point out with local restaurants and trucks, I love supporting businesses like R Burger, as they are a positive presence in our community and they just work so hard to “Love people. Serve them tasty food” (Their slogan).
I’m including a picture of my dog drooling over R Burger because even my canine friend knew with one whiff that this was the burger of his dreams.
Track the truck on Facebook, Instagram or however you social. You will not regret it!



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