Prik Thai- Pad Pug Ruam

by Deanna Coleman

Prik Thai is one of my favorite lunch spots because the food is tasty and arrives quickly, both of which are extremely important on a one-hour lunch break.

I ordered the Pad Pug Ruam with chicken, medium heat.  The description is as follows: “Sauteed onion, broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms, bean sprout, carrots, cabbage in brown sauce.”
As you can see in the picture, the dish contained no bell pepper and one piece of broccoli.  It also had a pretty generous amount of celery.  I like celery (and pretty much every other vegetable for that matter), so I did not mind, but that could have been an unpleasant surprise for someone who doesn’t.  The spice level was tolerable and the sauce was flavorful.  (Full disclosure: I have been going through a phase where I do not like chicken as much as I used to.)  With that said, I have noticed something in recent months with the chicken at Prik Thai.  It is either very good or kinda of rubbery.  This time, it was rubbery. So, I ate my veggies and sauce while piling the chicken on a side plate.  I enjoy the flavor of the chicken regardless, but I just sometimes cannot chew it!
This visit was the first time that I was served fried vegetable dumplings prior to my lunch rather than spring rolls.  I hope they go back to the spring rolls! The other patrons echoed my sentiments regarding the dumplings to the chef who came around and asked how we liked the change.
In sum, this was not my best visit to Prik Thai, but I will most  certainly go back.  I might even venture into the world of tofu there next time!
You can form your own opinion by having lunch or dinner at 2429 Robeson Street.



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