If you haven’t been to Fay Pie Co, you’re in for a treat both literally and metaphorically. From the second you walk in, you’re greeted with a warm, fresh, country-chic interior. The wood paneled accent wall, the chandeliers, the plates on the walls and the photography exhibit all give you warm welcome with a touch of class, you know immediately that there is something special here, and the food is no different.

I tried three pies, the first: “Balsamic Beef & Argula.” The menu says, “A hearty meal topped with blue cheese,” and includes: minced beef; mushrooms; and peas, simmered in a sweet balsamic vinaigrette reduction, topped with fresh arugula, french fried onions and blue cheese.

I was a little hesitant because I am generally not a huge fan of peas, but these peas I could eat plain. I wasn’t sure how the beef and balsamic would play in a pie, I tasted the beef without the reduction, wondering what the seasoning was like without the help of the reduction because it can sometimes be bland, but it was seasoned beautifully. 

The mushrooms were nice, sometimes mushrooms have a tendency to get a little on the soggy side, these were not they still had a plumpness to them. The crust was flaky and cooked to perfection, sometimes crust can be soggy in the middle of the pie due to poor baking or sitting too long, this crust was not, it was consistent throughout, cooked evenly. The french fried onions gave it a nice subtle crunch. The arugula I could have done without taste-wise, but it added really nice color to the pie to make it a really lovely presentation.

For me what really makes this pie a winner is the blue cheese and the balsamic vinaigrette reduction, it really tied in all the flavors and gave it acidity. Meat pies have a tendency to be bland and boring, but with the blue cheese and balsamic it elevated the flavors while still maintaining its comfort-food persona. My very picky 3-year-old, who is not normally into stuff like this ate it and asked for seconds.

The second pie I tried was called “Deep South Dish.” The menu calls it, “Mother Cluckin’ Good,” which I found charming. The ingredients say, “All the makings of a family reunion picnic, this pie has barbecue chicken layered over macaroni and collard greens in a cheddar cheese and bacon cream sauce. Baked in our signature crust and garnished with a blend of artisan cheeses and sliced red onions. Sprinkled with Italian seasonings, crushed red pepper and fresh cilantro.”

Initially, when I read the list of ingredients, I thought it really had the potential to be overdone. Can you really create a cohesive dish with all those different flavors? The answer is absolutely yes. The barbecued chicken was sweet and tender, it counteracted the saltiness of the cheeses and the heat of the red pepper. It definitely has a kick, but it’s slow building and not overly so. The cilantro gave it a fresh airiness to it, I am always a fan of some cilantro, I could’ve used more but that’s just my personal taste I could eat cilantro plain (I know it’s weird, don’t judge me). For me the real hero of this dish was the collard greens in the macaroni. I wouldn’t normally think that it would be a good combo, but it really worked. The collards were cooked really nice, still had a crispness about them, not soggy or mushy from overcooking.

The last pie was from the “Sweet Pie,” portion of the menu: “Tarte au Chocolat.” The menu describes it as, “Our signature crust is filled with a luscious mixture of baked dark chocolate and cream, resulting in a velvety smooth, truffle like finish. Covered with a thin layer of milk chocolate ganache then garnished with a muscadine soaked fresh raspberry and handmade chocolate.

This pie was perfection, from presentation to flavor, the acidity of the raspberry worked well with the sweetness of the chocolate. It was rich and luxurious while light and airy at the same time, the gold dusting on the hand made chocolate was a nice touch. If you try this pie and don’t like it, there’s something very seriously wrong with your tastebuds.

All-in-all, I would give this place 5/5 stars. I went in during their lunch rush, the place was packed, the staff was busy but still friendly and welcoming. The owner was manning the register, welcoming each guest. You can tell that they really love what they do. It’s artsy, creative, warm, inviting, and most importantly really great food.


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