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Bite This Crew Reviews are submitted by Bite This Fayetteville staffers and curated foodies from our community, who have had recent experiences at the locations mentioned in their review.  Interested in being a part of the #BiteThisCrew? Contact us at

Prik Thai- Pad Pug Ruam

by Deanna Coleman Prik Thai is one of my favorite lunch spots because the food is tasty and arrives quickly, both of which are extremely important on a one-hour lunch break. I ordered the Pad Pug Ruam with chicken, medium heat.  The description is as follows: "Sauteed...

Brake for Bulgogee

By Jesse Leger If you are like me, you enjoy great food. This is a broad statement,  but it has a narrow application in a lot of cases. When was the last time you ate some food that really made you stop and savor every single bite? For me, that was today, at Su’s Subs...

A Taco Lover’s Dream

by Dee Coleman   I find myself constantly scanning for new places to eat and explore in Fayetteville. What better day than Taco Tuesday to check out Guatemala Centro America Restaurant?   Full disclosure: when I walked in, I thought I might have made a poor...

Run! Don’t Walk, To The Tasty Crab

Run! Don’t walk!   By Lynnie Guzman   Just stopped by Tasty Crab after seeing them profiled in The Fayetteville Observer recently. Walking up to this new restaurant at the back of Westwood Shopping Center you see a cute, smiling crab above the company name....

The Salmon Was Divine

Celebrating my last “night out” with one of my best friends, I took her out for dinner to Circa 1800, on Hay Street, in Downtown Fayetteville. I have heard much about this wonderful place, but had never been there myself. I have small children at home, and have learned not to venture into a “fine dining” restaurant with them in tow. 

The Breakfast Club: MaryBill’s Cafe

I’m not much of a breakfast eater. Unless you invite me to MaryBill’s, that is. MaryBill’s Cafe sits directly across the street from Eutaw Shopping Village, on Bragg Boulevard. Upon entering, you’re greeted warmly, often from across the room by one of the waitresses,...

Review | The Downtown Double IPA by Jeremy Fiebig

The Downtown Double is a collaboration between Huske Hardware and Bright Light Brewing Company. Huske is the long-time staple of downtown pub life, a craft beer station that came along well before the craft beer boom of the last few years. Bright Light is a more...

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