Noble Meats – Fresh Meats and Darn Good BBQ

“Fresh Meats and Darn Good BBQ” – Christi Lowe

It’s a one of those places I’ve driven past many times. You know the ones. I’ve often thought, “I should stop in there and see what kind of food they have.” But I never have time.
On a recent sunny Saturday, I did have time. So I decided to check out Noble Meats, a tiny little store at the intersection of East Manchester Road and Lillington Highway, in Spring Lake.

The staff here was friendly and helpful

Boy am I glad I did! This quaint butcher shop not only offers fresh, hand cut steaks, lamb, chicken and pork, they serve some really good BBQ. REALLY good.
In fact, I can honestly say the burnt brisket ends are probably the best brisket I’ve ever had. The ends were perfectly crispy and the meat was so tender and juicy. I’m now kicking myself for not stopping here sooner.

You can get hand cut meat here, too!

As it turns out, Noble Meats has a rich history in this community. It’s been open in this same spot since 1985, first run by a father, and now his son. Judging by my first taste of their food, I can see why it’s lasted so long.
I ordered the pulled pork, but the staff at Noble Meats insisted we try a sampling of their menu. Here’s what was on our plate: Slow-smoked Pork, Burnt Brisket Ends, Cole Slaw, Red Slaw, corn, Green Beans, Macaroni Salad, Macaroni N’ Cheese, Baked Beans and my favorite, Carolina Caviar (that’s southern for “all kinds of beans, sweet peppers, red onions and tangy vinaigrette”).

My daughter loved it all, and so did I!

All of it was tasty, southern style fare. The baked beans, flavored with brisket and bacon, were sweet and smoky. The white cole slaw was creamy and the vinegar-based red slaw had just the right amount of twang.
Bottom line. Noble Meats did not disappoint. Stop in yourself and let us know what you think!

Noble Meats
2469 Lillington Highway
Spring Lake, NC 28390
Hours – M-S 9:00 -6:00

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