The Rapid Rise and Fall of Stadium Poutine – By Deanna Coleman

I will be the first to tell you that I’m not generally a fan of ballpark food.  Even the best food at ballparks is generally just okay to me. There.  I said it.
Segra Stadium, home to our beloved Fayetteville Woodpeckers, hosted its first game on April 18th.  I attended one of the games that weekend. To say I was unimpressed with the food on that first experience is an understatement.  I remained unimpressed with everything other than the french fries and  Philly cheese steak nachos… until recently.
Everything is getting better! I venture to even say that there are some GOOD things to eat there!
When Michelle (who is obviously my bff- best foodie friend) sent me a link to poutine at Bowley’s BBQ, I knew i had to try it.
If you’ve never had poutine, you’re missing out.  Originating in Canada, poutine is generally some combo of french fries, gravy and cheese. I’m sure the Canadians who saw the poutine at Bowley’s scoffed, but this is Fayetteville, not Canada.  Bowley’s poutine included crispy fries, pulled pork, brown gravy and pimento cheese.  Oh.  My.  Goodness. Understanding that on-site prep at a ballpark isn’t the ideal setting for gourmet food, my expectations were low.  The pulled pork is pretty tasty, and i much prefer it in the poutine than on their nachos. I am pretty sure the gravy was canned/jarred, but it was pretty good considering.  The pimento cheese was delicious.  I shared with my date and will pretend he ate most of it, although I cannot be certain.
This story has a sad ending.  I looked for the poutine a couple of weeks later and was told that it was taken off the menu.
I submit this review along with a protest/request.  Bowley’s- bring back the poutine– Or else (I will keep eating Philly cheese steak nachos at Sherwood)!
Go Woodpeckers!



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