Habana Cuban Restaurant

by Kalli Kiburz

I’d passed by Habana Cuban Restaurant almost every day for 6 months and never put aside the time to stop and try it out… until now.

Located conveniently on Cliffdale road next to Sakura sushi (another great food spot), this place has all you need for comfort food. What is even better, is that they offer authentic Cuban cuisine.

I’m the type of person who would rather try multiple small plates with different flavors, rather than one big plate of food. I started my meal off by having an avocado salad and Mariquitas. The avocado salad consisted of avocado, onions, and I added salt and pepper to taste. It was a simple salad, yet, had such fresh flavor so it was a great start to my meal. Mariquitas are a fried plantain, with a crispy texture like that of a chip. Habana added a twist by drizzling the plantain chips with a salty garlic sauce, these were fresh and amazing.

After appetizers, I decided that I wanted to get a taste of plantains in a different form, so, I chose to try out the Maduros. This version was made with plantains that were riper, which gives them a sweeter taste. To add to the list of delicious fried foods that I had already eaten, I gave their Yucca fries a chance. Yucca fries are very similar to potato made fries, however, they are a bit denser, when dipped in ketchup they were perfect.

Whenever I go out to eat, I usually have a meat-eating friend that accompanies me so that I can help those that would like to eat more than just vegetables. The person who came with me, chose the Camarones Al Ajillo as their meal. As stated on the menu, this item includes “Jumbo shrimp, sautéed in butter, with aromatic spices, fresh garlic, parsley and finished in Chablis wine, served with white rice and Maduros”.  My companion kept raving about how amazing the shrimp tasted, so I’d say overall this restaurant was a win!



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