Fayetteville After Five/Flavapalooza

Picture this: It’s Friday night in Fayetteville and there is so much to do that I cannot decide where to go.  The naysayers said it couldn’t be done!  This particular Friday was the kickoff of Fayetteville After Five and the Woodpeckers and Swamp Dogs were both playing baseball.

I opted for Fayetteville After Five, as it was Father’s Day Weekend and my dad wanted to see On the Border, the Eagles cover band headlining that night. There were a variety of food trucks present, including Kat-n-Around (very good German food), Queso Monster, A Catered Affair, and some others whose names are escaping me.  My friend and I, however, found ourselves in front of the smiling faces of the folks at Flavapalooza.  This truck slings cheesesteaks, seasoned fries, wings and other culinary treats.  They do not skimp on flavor.  We ordered the Philly cheese steak with garlic Parmesan fries.  As you can see from the pictures, the presentation was beautiful (and they cooperated with our picture needs).
This is not your standard philly.  It comes with yellow cheese, lettuce and tomato in addition to the traditional sauteed peppers and onions.  If you’re not a fan of any, just order it without, as all sandwiches are made to order.  The meat screams traditional philly, and in retrospect I wish I would have left off the lettuce and tomato.  I’m also a spice queen, so I would have loved to have a little hot sauce on my sandwich.  With that said, if you love steak sandwiches and are open to a not-so-traditional cheese steak, you’ve gotta give this a shot. The garlic Parmesan  fries were perfect- crispy, generously seasoned and very flavorful.  I would highly recommend the fries!
I have to throw in a picture of the wings, which I did not eat, and just say this: ladies and gentlemen, get yourself a significant other who looks at you the way that this guy looks at those wings!
The Woodpeckers won and we could see the fireworks coming from Segra Stadium while the tribute band was blasting out Eagles music. Good music, great food and the best company made this a Fayetteville After Five to remember.
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