Blue Moon Cafe – Cranberry Apple Brie Salad – Keto Style

By James Clark Jr.

I am always on the lookout for a salad that passes my “I hate salads test.”  If you haven’t guessed it, I am not the most fond of salads.  As a person living a Keto lifestyle, salads are sometimes the only choice when going out with friends.

My friends decided to have lunch at The Blue Moon Café in downtown Fayetteville.  I had been before in my higher carbs days, but was somewhat hesitant to accept the invitation.  Blue Moon is known for their amazing sandwiches. Needless to say I decided to give it the old “Keto try”.

Blue Moon’s menu had a slim choice for my kind, but I quickly went to the Cranberry Apple Brie Salad.  The salad included: Mixed Greens, Brie, Pecans, Balsamic Reduction, and Balsamic dressing.  The extra”ness” that is James had to asked for extra accommodation.  I wanted a protein (Chicken) and I also wanted Goat Cheese.  The staff at Blue Moon was more than willing to accommodate my needs.

Final results are that it was a Delicious Salad that I would order again and again!!!

Be sure to visit Blue Moon Café 310 Hay Street to get a beautiful lunch!



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