Bento Jubako & Sushi

By Lynnie Guzman
I always seem to find myself looking for a place to grab a quick lunch that isn’t fast food. Bento Jubako & Sushi is a great choice for that type of lunch. I was headed down Raeford Road recently when I passed them and decided to turn around.

I strayed from my typical order of a bento box and ordered the Chicken Bowl. I was pleasantly surprised that I received it quickly and it was chock full of fresh vegetables. A huge bonus is the veggies were cooked al dente. Soggy vegetables should be criminal. I would definitely recommend the Chicken Bowl as a quick and healthy lunch option.

*SPECIAL NOTE – This item is not on the current menu (but you can order it!)*
Let me preface this with the fact that I spent a few of my teenage years in Hawaii. While there I gained an appreciation for some cuisine some may find odd. Not too long ago a local friend of mine that is Hawaiian shared that you can get Spam Musubi at Bento Jubako & Sushi!   I, of course, had to order it. I know, I know…ewww spam! On the mainland, there is a lack of appreciation for Spam – whereas, in Hawaii, it is a staple!  I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the spam being a little on the thick side. I will for sure be back for another one. Thank you, Bento, for offering something that brings memories back from a special time in my life. Now, if someone could just open a “Manapua Man”  truck I would be even happier!
Bento Jubako & Sushi
2651 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28305



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