Amazing Steak and Lobster? We’re Still Searching…

Chris’ Steak and Seafood House – By Michelle Wintrich

You ever have a long week and by the time Friday ends you just think to yourself that you need to treat yourself. This one particular Friday after a particularly challenging work deserved something tasty. Now I had a buddy of mine recently tell me about steak and lobster that he and his family had and frankly it put me in the mood. Leaving work I set out on a mission. The closest place in the area is Chris’ Steak and Seafood House and according to local publications, Chris’ is the go to place for steak. This is a nicer establishment, ladies were wearing nice heels and men were wearing ironed button downs. Walking in I knew I looked like I got hit by a train, not necessarily by my work clothes but more because of my demeanor. I politely requested a seat at the dimly lit bar. 


Chris’ Steakhouse Lavender Martini

I ordered the filet and lobster with a caesar salad and a twice baked potato. I saw on a chalkboard featured drinks menu that they had a lavender martini. I am not particularly in love with martinis but I do love lavender so I had to try it. As I waited for my salad I received my drink and cheese spread with crackers. The martini was very relaxing with the lavender. More places should feature lavender drinks. Devine. The cheese spread was your basic cheese ball with prepackaged crackers. Then I received my caeser salad which is my go to starter salad. This one was perfectly dressed with the addition of freshly cracked black pepper. The saltiness of the caeser is what sells it and in my opinion, hard to mess up. 

Caesar Salad at Chris’ Steakhouse

I finally got my filet and lobster and I was readyyyyy. Of course I go in for the filet first. I ordered and rare and received a rare! I am always very excited when the temperature is delivered correctly. The flavor that really shone through was oak.

I was so excited about this dish.

The must use a wood fire grill because the strong flavor of wood was delicious. I will say though I had to add salt, a lot of salt. Maybe they forgot to season my filet? Once I salted the steak flavor was drastically enhanced. Better. The lobster was properly prepared, but I noticed its lack of seasoning too. I will admit the last shellfish I had was at Drop by the River and they are known for their flavorful garlic herbed butter. So I salted the lobster too. Then I tried the twice baked potato. Cheesy and seasoned properly, the twice baked potato was pretty good, just like all the other twice baked potatoes I’ve had. It was good, but not amazing.

Overall, I’d have to say this dinner was average. To be honest you could take what I spent on one meal and buy an entire beef tenderloin. This will sound corny, but I want an establishment to take me on a flavor journey. I want meals that will make my mouth water just remembering it. Meals that inspire. I just feel like if I can’t get a filet and lobster that will do that for me at Chris’, I might as well do it myself.

Did I mention the ice cream was good?

We may give them another try – and if you’ve had a different experience, we’d love to hear about! You can leave your own review on our website –

And – If you have other suggestions on where to go in Fayetteville for great steak please let us know!

Stay Hungry, Fayetteville! 




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