A Taco Lover’s Dream

by Dee Coleman


I find myself constantly scanning for new places to eat and explore in Fayetteville. What better day than Taco Tuesday to check out Guatemala Centro America Restaurant?


Full disclosure: when I walked in, I thought I might have made a poor decision.  There is a “different” smell and you can still tell that this restaurant once served spaghetti (maybe tacos + spaghetti= smell?). There’s a little chef statue when you walk in the door and inspirational quotes greet you. Words of advice: DO NOT LET THE ENTRYWAY DETER YOU! 


The menu is divided into sections- Guatemala, Salvador, Mexico and Honduras.  Because it was Taco Tuesday, I zoned directly into the Mexico portion of the menu, particularly focused on the Tacos section (which, by the way, includes lengua!).  When I saw “pupusas” under the Salvador section, I knew I had to try one.


My order: steak tacos (3 tacos with rice and beans) and a bean and cheese pupusa.  The steak tacos are what I consider “street tacos”.  They are served in corn tortillas, topped with onions and cilantro, and include limes on the side for squeezing ($9.99).  They also come with a side of hot sauce (super hot, so delish).  The pupusas are huge, cost $2.50 and come with a delicious slaw and sauce on the side.

The final verdict: With delicious food at very reasonable prices, I will most definitely return to Guatemala Centro America Restaurant. I plan on exploring alllllll of the countries on the menu.  Hold the lengua- for now.


You can have your own Taco Tuesday… or MonWedThurFriday… whatever… at 2805 Raeford Road.






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