Wine & Bites: Your Ticket To A Culinary Delight


Wine & Bites is a food event series hosted by Leclair’s General Store in collaboration with Fowler’s Southern Gourmet. It’s a relaxed evening where you can explore wine pairings with delish food with no pretense amongst friends.


I’d only heard great things about it, so when the opportunity to not only go, but to invite other local military spouses arose through a sponsorship by SpouseLink of Fort Bragg, I jumped at the opportunity.


I’m no wine connoisseur, but I do know enough to impress friends at parties. That kind of knowledge isn’t needed at Wine & Bites. Wine & Bites isn’t so much a “class” as it is a gathering to explore new wine and indulge in beautifully prepared and incredibly tasty small plates.

When you enter Leclairs on Wine & Bites night it still feels like the interesting, artsy, store you’re used to. Usually when you walk through the doors, you’re hit with the distinct aroma of the best coffee, and while that’s still the same experience at Wine & Bites, you’ll note MORE. That “more” would be the culinary creations of Fowler’s Southern Gourmet. If you’ve dined at Fowler’s you’re used to their barbecue. But the truth is, the Fowler family is great at cooking almost everything. I know this personally as I used to work with (Uncle) David Fowler years ago, and could always look forward to what he would create on the grill in the courtyard of our office.

There were four courses: a salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert. Prior to each course Pat (the owner) and our sommelier would quickly share a bit about the wine selection; including where the wine originated and why they chose that specific wine to pair with the featured bite.


The atmosphere was fun and friendly. Once we’d experienced all four courses, Pat generously gave away several prizes ranging in art, coffee, lofty discounts, handmade goods and more.

Many of the military spouses in our group had never been to Leclair’s and they spent some time shopping before taking off. It was nice to introduce them to one of my favorite local stores, as Leclairs is my go-to space when I have meetings or want to work outside my home for the day.

Here’s a PROTIP: If you’re not a true wine person, it is still worth your while to attend! Trina had a few sips before declaring that nothing had changed, she just wasn’t a wine gal. She opted to have her meal with a delicious grape soda! She still loved the food and says it was a worthwhile experience that she’d like to attend again.

Wine & Bites is offered several times a year at Leclair’s General Store located at 1212 Fort Bragg Road in Fayetteville, NC. Check their event listings to find the next one! Tickets are $30 with limited seating and sell out FAST.


You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit their website to see when the next Wine and Bites is being held. Don’t forget to also follow Fowler’s on Facebook and Instagram, too!

If you are a local Military Spouse at Fort Bragg, check out SpouseLink of Fort Bragg and follow their page…who knows— maybe next time you’ll be able to snag a ticket through their amazing organization!




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