Walk-Ons Bistreaux and Bar: Soft Opening

by Michelle Wintrich

I think I love this town. When I first moved here back in 2013, it did not look anything like it does today. It seems like every time I turn around there’s a new store or, better yet, a new restaurant opening in the area. Even though we prefer local restaurants, Walk-On’s is truly the exception.  Some people are chain junkies and prefer the same restaurant they can get anywhere in the country. I can respect consistency but break away from your habits and try Walk-On’s. It is worth it.

Fellow BiteThisFay Crew member Dee and I were lucky enough to receive soft opening passes for Walk On’s. The atmosphere has a clean, modern sports bar vibe with TV’s everywhere and even an arcade. Growing up, I knew a place was awesome if they had an arcade. Seems like I knew what I was talking about because Walk On’s is an awesome family joint.

As soon as I walked in, the staff was on it and super helpful. We were one of the lucky guests that received a table in the bar area that had a tap built into the table, so of course I had to try it!! It was so fun and convenient pouring at the table. Our waitress was awesome and so attentive. Imagine as soon as your glass is empty you can pour more on the spot! Brilliant. I would seriously go back just for that experience alone.

I won’t be going back because of the table tap though. I will be going back because the food is outstanding. We started with the Tuna-Tini, and I personally have never had ahi tuna prepared this way. They used some blend of creole blackened season on the outside sear of the tuna. Magic. I don’t know why more people are not preparing their tuna this way, and I hope it becomes a new trend. The tuna sits on a bed of Asian slaw in a martini shaped glass. The slaw was delicious and added a great crunch and sesame flavor to the tuna.  

I ordered the Blackened Redfish for my main dish as recommended by our fabulous waitress. This dish comes with sweet corn grits, burre blanc, green beans, and garlic bread. I requested extra burre blanc on the side because I love it. The fish itself was perfectly seasoned and tender. The sweet corn grits under the fish were divine. If you love polenta as much as I do, you will love these grits. The grits and the fish positively sang in harmony together. I cannot rave about them more. The burre blanc gave the duo a nice citrus zip. The green beans were under-seasoned and I was so happy I got the extra burre blanc because a little drizzle on top gave the green beans life. I put that green bean combo on the garlic toast.

Finally, Dee and I received bread pudding for dessert…. We were told bread pudding, and I about died. I love bread pudding. I have so many fond memories of bread pudding and it seems like every time I have it, it makes me think of happy times. So I was extremely excited. I was not prepared for what we received. Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding. What?? Yes, they really just did that. Exactly how you imagine: Krispy Kreme donuts packed together in warm gooey goodness.  

Over all, I know Walk On’s will do great in our community. Delicious food, great atmosphere, and superb service. I will even go so far as to recommend the Blackened Redfish even to people who aren’t particularly fond of fish. I swear it is mind changing!

Stay Hungry, Fayetteville!




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