Themed Dating In Fayetteville: Spotlight on Art

I’ve lived in Fayetteville for a total of 10 years and have never run into a shortage of things to do. However, being in a relationship for over 15 years means that we tend to get stuck in our ways and complacent, even in the places we shop, patron, and eat. One of the ways we tried to keep things interesting is to add a theme to our dates. It makes us think outside the box a bit.

Earlier this month, the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau invited us out to an inspiring Day of the Arts and the entire time all I could think about was what an incredible and different approach to dating it would be for our community. Here’s how we spent our time:

1. Gallery Goes POP! Andy Warhol Exhibit at the David McCune International Gallery at Methodist University
2. A private Warhol themed dinner at Circa 1800
3. Annie at the Cape Fear Regional Theater

Now, let me tell you all the things!

Gallery Goes P O P!

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I’ll admit that at times Art can seem a bit intimidating to me. Andy Warhol, however, throws that notion out the window. While there, I could not get over that this little corner of our little town has a full exhibit of actual Andy Warhol paintings in it’s presence. The color, sounds (a fantastic score was created especially for this exhibit), and energy in the gallery was electric.

Gallery Goes Pop is on display until April 12th, and truly is a can’t miss experience.

And while the exhibit does not require an entrance fee, I highly recommend bringing money for a donation. Exhibits like this are steep and galleries that work so hard to bring experiences like this to life deserve our support.

For a deeper look at the exhibit, I highly recommend our friend Maria McDonald’s write up, that you can find here: Pop! Goes Fayetteville: Warhol Comes To Town.




Circa 1800

Food is art! I know the foodie in you knows this. While chances are you’ve heard of this fine dining restaurant in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville, what you might not know is their everyday commitment to food artistry.

We were treated to an elegant table themed around items Andy Warhol is famously known for. In keeping with the theme, each course was true art. Almost too pretty to eat (almost!). As a special treat, they incorporated caviar from this area’s only local caviar farm, Persephone.

Fancy, indeed.

What is most impressive about Circa, in my humble opinion, is that you don’t have to attend a private dinner like us to experience food that is both beautiful and delectable. Everything is always plated perfectly and their menu is ever-changing and carefully selected. So, when you plan your Art Themed Date, Circa 1800 is a great choice!



I’ve attended many plays, including a few at Cape Fear Regional Theatre. The original Annie is responsible for an early love of Broadway for me. CFRT’s Annie was a reinforcement of how magical theater can be. The caliber of performances, especially that of the kids, was impressive.

When building your Art themed date, consider the current show playing at CFRT. Annie will only play through March 2nd, but I’ve never seen a show that was less than stellar at our regional theater.

I left my time with the other #FayNCBloggers completely lit up, motivated, and thirsty for more ways to experience the very present, but still budding, Arts scene in Fayetteville. Thank you to the many businesses who helped make this day special!

It’s because of those feelings, we’re starting a new series. One centered on sharing more themed dating ideas— that are still food centric, of course!

What kind of themes would you like us to share about? Sound off in the comments!



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