Spring Fling Food Haul in Spring Lake

By Michelle Wintrich

I went to the Spring Lake Spring Fling last year, and I was not disappointed in the food trucks at Mendoza Park. One truck in particular made an impression on me because they had a burger with chimichurri on it that sounded so delicious. I LOVE chimichurri, so for me to turn down that burger and go for the tacos last year (great tacos) has been a foodie regret of mine. I have looked for this truck throughout town, at different events, online, and nothing. Needless to say I have been looking forward to the Spring Fling all year hoping this truck would appear.

Unfortunately my anticipation for this particular truck was denied… BUT! I found some gems that I’m excited to share with you. I decided this time I would NOT have foodie regret and would stop at several trucks to create a Spring Fling “Food Haul”. I am guilty in admitting that I ate the majority of the food that day.

The first truck I went to was Lyck Yuh Finga. Owned and operated by Veterans, this massive food truck is serving some seriously delicious Caribbean food. I had no idea what to order, and was offered a sample of a few items. The customer service at Lyck Yuh Finga is top notch!!  I sampled the Curry Chicken and the Jerk Chicken. The Curry Chicken was spicy and complex. To be honest, the carrots mixed in gave a hint of sweetness, and the combination of sweet and spicy was actually my favorite part! Then I tried the Jerk Chicken… all I had was the skin and I was sold.

As soon as I tasted it I was like yup, I gotta have the Jerk Chicken plate. I ordered it with cabbage, fried plantains, and festival. Ok, first of all, this may be my new favorite way to eat cabbage, and I am a huge corned beef and cabbage fan. Second, I am in love with all things fried plantain as I am from Florida and grew up on Caribbean food, but this was my first time trying festival. I would compare festival (which is a Caribbean dumpling) to a hushpuppy; dense, fried, and addicting. Here is what they would call a “Pro Tip”: dip your festival in the fried plantain syrup. It’s like pouring honey on a hushpuppy. Gold. I am very excited to see Lyck Yuh Finga around town to get some more!

The next truck I picked up food at was Stachia’s Fully Loaded Grill. I saw Philly Fries and knew that is exactly what I wanted. I got it with both chicken and steak on top of crinkle cut fries. I don’t know about you, but I love my fries loaded with salt. I’m the type of person that salts my fries before I leave the drive thru at Chick-fil-a. I thought this was something everyone did but I guess not. So in true fashion I salted my Philly Fries and they were magical!! The melted cheese with the onions and peppers was seriously what dreams should be made of. If you see them around town, and love Philly Cheese steaks, definitely check them out! Very friendly service and Veteran owned and operated.

Being in a military town, I love going to Veteran owned restaurants and trucks. Sunshine Food Company, LLC can be found on Fort Bragg or at any festival, fair, and/or food truck event. Their menu consisted of burritos and chicken bowls that would be the go-to of anyone needing food for fuel. I got the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. The bowl consisted of a very generous portion of sticky rice, grilled chicken, and coleslaw. I think the Teriyaki sauce was forgotten because the chicken I received was plain. Be that as it may, the chicken was tender and flavorful. Without the sauce it made me feel that much healthier digging in. These bowls are $5 and very economical. Its literally enough food to feed an Army.

So, let’s talk sweets. I got the Mango New York Style Italian Ice from Nia’s Frozen Desserts. The day of the event was very humid, so the cold dessert was extremely refreshing. These very sweet gals’ mission is to not only service up bomb frozen treats, but also to partner with nonprofits and give back to the community. These are the kind of sweets that make you feel good about eating. I would recommend them to anyone who is hosting an event, especially on a hot North Carolina day. Great Italian Ice that in turn helps our community.

The last place I ventured was not a food truck or cart, but was a tent with popcorn. Who’s Your Poppa had popcorn flavors that included: Birthday Cake, Banana Pudding, Salted Caramel, and Fruity Cereal. I am a fan of fruity cereal, so I went with that. I tried to make this popcorn last, I really did… I would only grab two pieces of popcorn at a time, but I kept grabbing two pieces… So in reality it was probably the first thing I finished. It was fruity and some pieces were a little salty from the popcorn, and it was perfect.


This year’s Spring Fling was great! I know I didn’t try every vendor there but I am looking forward to next year to see different trucks and who knows, maybe the truck with the Chimichurri Burger will make an appearance. My only regret this year was not buying more flavors of popcorn.  



Stay Hungry Fayetteville!




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