SEGRA Stadium Nachos

By Michelle Wintrich

I have been craving some seriously great nachos. Sure, I had great pork tacos, chips, salsa, and guac on Cinco de Mayo, but it just didn’t satisfy. I’m not talking about nachos you get at a gas station or a movie theater. However, that is NOT what I have been looking for. I need flavor bombs, meat, and crunch that can only be satisfied by fully loaded nachos.

I had been planning to go to SEGRA Stadium for a few weeks now, because frankly I have never been and I think I am the last to join the party. And was it a PARTY! Wow!! That place was packed!! There is an awesome play area for kids, turf for families to sit on and enjoy the game, bars everywhere, and food…. The food.

When I got there I was already at a certain level of hangry and had an intense case of tunnel vision. I didn’t go find my seat, I didn’t go meet up with my co-workers, and I didn’t even look at the field. I went straight to the food vendors. Now I am a foodie researcher in that I like to scope out what an establishment provides before I go. I already knew I wanted a baseball bat beer glass, I already knew I wanted to try the Mac-n-cheese Dog, and oh boy did I already know that I wanted nachos, specifically Philly Cheesesteak Nachos.

So you don’t have to go through what I went through, walking alllllll over to find Philly Cheesesteak Nachos… once you enter SEGRA Stadium, Sherwood’s is to the right. Keep walking until you find their stand.

There might have been a long line, but the wait wasn’t, and totally worth it. As you wait you can see the steak masters dice up your toppings on a flattop. Talk about freshly made! The gentleman working the flattop was so friendly. I got my nachos with peppers, onions, and jalapenos. You know that nacho fountain, where you push the button and nacho cheese comes pouring out so you can move your nachos around to make sure every inch of your chips is covered? Well they have that fountain, except instead of nacho cheese, it is white liquid gold. Since I didn’t find my seat when I first got to the stadium, I found a place to perch to try these nachos. I guess I saw the field? My eyes were mainly on the nachos. Then I tried them… People… These are some of the best nachos I have ever had. I know they are a specialty nachos, but once you put meat and cheese on chips, it’s a nacho and you HAVE to try these nachos.

As I was elbow deep in these crunchy flavor bombs, my coworkers found me and I noticed that there was indeed a baseball game going on in the background. But where is my beverage? I went and got the Woodpecker Wheat from the Southern Pines Brewery stand (in an awesome souvenir cup, but not the baseball bat), and finally sat down to watch the game, my hangriness at bay. For now.

Stay Hungry, Fayetteville!



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