Good Food AND Live Music? Sign Me Up! – By Deanna Coleman

Good Food AND Live Music? Sign me up!

Before I get really into this blog, I want to acknowledge the obvious.  Bonefish Grill is a chain and our group is dedicated to supporting local eats.  However, Bonefish Grill invited our Bite This Fayetteville group to a nice Thursday evening of food and local music because they are working VERY hard to connect with the local community.  Christian, the manager who connected with us, really rolled out the red carpet with his hospitality.
Bar Bites is a concept that is being tested every Thursday night, with $6 appetizers and $5 tasty cocktails.  Ethan Hanson’s beautiful voice can be heard throughout the restaurant as you indulge.  Side Note: If you have never heard Ethan play, you seriously are missing out.  I was having an awful day and his voice truly made it all better. Well, the food didn’t hurt either.
So, let’s get onto the food.  My fellow honorary foodie for the night, Meredith, and I tackled the following (with many leftover boxes taken home): Crispy Cod Sliders, Wagyu Beef Sliders, Broccoli Fritto, Shrimp Toast, Calamari, and The Cure. Yes, SIX appetizers.  

The staff at Bonefish spaced out the service of the apps so that we had some time to enjoy them.  My favorite was the Cure.  Crispy french fries topped with cheese sauce, roasted shrimp, red gravy, bacon and chives.  It was like poutine! We know I love poutine (see review of Segra Stadium’s take on poutine).
The shrimp toast came in at a close second. This is a twist on traditional dim sum, per the menu description.  I’ve never had tradition dim sum (or any other variation thereof), so I will take them at their world.  The combo of crunch with the toast, flash-fried shrimp and sesame seeds plus the sweet chili dipping sauce was delicious!
Meredith and I tried a couple of the handcrafted cocktails as well.  The Raspberry Vodka Collins was light, refreshing and fruity.  I also watch Christian make it with special care!
If I have one critique of the overall Bar Bites experience, it would be that I would like to see a little less fried food options on the menu.  Don’t get me wrong- it was great! When you love food as much as I do, however, you have to take fried food in serious moderation.
I want to end by saying thank you so much to Bonefish, Christian, and all involved who made this a memorable evening.  I look forward to hearing Ethan croon while I eat tasty food again soon!
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