Chips, Salsa & Girl Talk – By Deanna Coleman

On a Friday night after a long work week, my girlfriends and I decided that we needed chips, salsa, and girl talk.  Always a good combination!

I used to feel that eating any Mexican food in Fayetteville other than MiCasita’s was sacrilegious, as I spent many a birthday, Friday night post-football, lunch and dinner there.  The folks at MiCasita are great.
With that said, my palate has evolved and with that so has my taste in Mexican food.
El Cazador is on Skibo Road.  Formerly a restaurant called Pedro’s, it still displays the original plastic deer that have proudly sat at the entrance for as long as I can remember.  I will even say that it borders on tacky… but I love it.
The restaurant has a very extensive menu, with burritos that cover entire plates, house-made hot sauce that is fiery and delicious, and everything you could ask for in a Mexican restaurant. My go-to dish is fajitas. On this occasion, I ordered Fajitas Texanas, a combo of chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies. They arrived piping hot on a skillet, accompanied by a huge plate with guacamole salad, rice, beans, and flour tortillas. The portions are huge.  I ordered a side of fresh jalapenos to add to the dish.  If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’m a hot sauce/heat addict.  Everything was perfectly cooked and delicious.  The service was fast and wonderful, and I washed it all down with a cold Dos Equis Amber on draft.

Steak at El Cazador

My friends ordered Arroz Con Pollo and El Jefe (a steak dish with potatoes, chorizo and other delicious ingredients).  I went home satisfied, stuffed and with enough leftovers for a second meal.

If you haven’t given El Cazador a try, you are completely missing out.



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